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Common questions

Which kind of documents do you need?
Identity card, driving licence or passport, credit card

Caution, in the absence of a valid driving license or credit card (non-rechargeable) Rental can not be performed and the relative amount paid will not be refunded.

To rent vehicles:
To vehicles with a capacity of 125 cc you need the driving licence B ( for cars) or category A, for vehicles with higher capacity than 125 cc you need driving licence category A
+ Credit card
What does the rent price include?
It includes third-party-insurance, safety lock, helmet, insurance against vehicle break down or puncture ( inside the city).
Prices have VAT included.
Are there any mileage limits?
The mileage is unlimited, except for motorbike with a higher capacity of 400cc.
The maximum limit in a day is 100 km, if the rent contract is for more days, the maximum limit will be 100km times the numbers of the days
(E.g. rent contract for 7 days: 100 x 7= 700 km maximum)
How much is an extra kilometer?
Each extra kilometer costs 0,30€
Is the motorbike parking safe on the street?
The stealing statistic data in our city is 1/2000. With the vehicle delivery you will get a high quality safety lock.
Where can I park the vehicle during the day?
In the whole city of Cagliari there are different scooters space park.
The parking inside the blue strip is free for scooters and motorbikes (but not for cars)
In case of rain, will I get any kind of clothing?
In case of rain or unpredictable weather, you will get a raincoat blanket paying an extra fee
Is the scooters delivery/return possible only in the head office?
The customer can ask a specific place to get the vehicle.
This service costs 10,00€ inside the urban area, 15,00€ to the airports way and 30,00€ for all the other destinations.
Customers have to book by this website to get this kind of service.
Is it possible drive with the motorbike to down-town?
NO, it is possible. The ZTL (traffic limit zone)

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